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Yogesh Mishra

To Bring a distinctive approach to Journalism ! CHAT WITH YOGESH MISHRA


I have always looked at the respected veterans as my role models who combine a thinking journalist’s alertness and depth with other skill sets which are usually not found to coexist in an opinion maker. But, this blend of apparently
diverse qualities makes them and their followers like me truly versatile. Some of my competency areas are

I have covered extensive areas of social, economic and political significance with matching depth and insight. I have been able to bring to light important issues which gained centre stage in national debatesConcern for governance, inclusion and growth determine my approach to journalism which translates into effective intervention in the space of public policy, administration and social development.

With humility, I look back at my accomplishments as a journalist. I believe in blending sound inter-disciplinary academic inputs and journalistic objectives so that a holistic perspective emerges I believe that credibility and reputation are outcome of steadfast adherence to factual correctness, freedom from prejudices and pursuit of ethically sound objectives.